In the beginning there was a planet called Planeta Aculeatus in the MACS0647-JD sector of space. This planet was vividly green and filled with highly advanced humans, Gods, aliens, giant reptiles, animals, plants, metals, and spices. Aculeatus’ human race were of many different languages, shapes, sizes, and skin color. The Aculeatan’s were special they each had a spiritual 600lbs gorilla inside of their minds that connected to their souls, which not many knew about. As the decades and centuries progressed on Planeta Aculeatus greedy kings, gods, and politicians learned to secretly harness and control the populations minds so that no Aculeatan could use or know about their 600lbs Gorilla. What really scared them was the ever lasting rumor that it also brought them closer to The Creator who has been missing for thousands of years. Some say he is a rumor others say it is all science. Rumor or not, those at the top would stop it nothing to remain at the top…

This planet had one capitol, which they called Benedictio Dei and it was well pleasing to their Creator. The beings lived in harmony and had an established society filled with proper justice. Their system was built for the people by the people when they all agreed to make their planets law with due process according to the laws established by The Creator. Every living person on this planet had a purpose and everyone knew their purpose for living a full and accomplished life, it was easy! It was a promise made by The Creator himself. The orders for this life were sent from above from The Creator via a book thousands of years ago. They had a very specific order, which were the most important out of all of them that must be followed. They must love him and only him and put NO other God, before him. He was the mightiest of the mightiest for all feared him who had Wicked intentions in their heart, for he created everyone perfect in his image. He even created the depths of Aculeatus’s hell, which meant even they must follow their specific rules provided by the creator. No one ever dared to re-write these laws or the book for they knew the punishment.

This golden era on the planet was remembered to be the greatest race ever for all their lights shined as one. The creator was so pleased that one of the fallen angels in hell asked him to take it all away and see how they would react towards him and doubled down that they would forget about him. The creator confidently agreed and gave him a body form and an army. He will let them attempt to plague his children with whatever plan they come up with and he will watch and analyze their behavior from above for a period of time. The Fallen Angel knew he only had a limited time so he got to work with his army and started twisting, manipulating, infiltrating the human laws which were linked to the creators laws to steer them away from their light. The Fallen Angel was highly intelligent and had this mastermind fool proof plan in the works for thousands of years himself thinking even HE wouldn’t see any of this coming… Aculeatus’s race slowly fell, many were slain, many cried and begged for the creator but he didn’t get involved, he was watching from above shocked by the way none of his children were stepping up to help their neighbor and how easily their ego’s had grasped their hearts. He observed how many turned a blind eye to Evil. How quickly some fell for the greed, the fame, the hunger for power, the resources that came with selling your soul to follow a Fallen Angel agenda. The creator saw how false idols dressed in lavish clothes and with all their money started targeting the psychology of the planet using their favorite television shows, radio stations, books, and music. They started controlling their news information over time little by little and the population didn’t even question it and were slowly conforming to the deception and worshipping them. Those who knew stood quiet because they were scared as they had seen the fate of those brave enough to speak out against their agenda. They would pray day and night asking for the creator for help looking up to the stars and the sky maintaining hope… Suddenly he received a big prayer filled by the people of his planet that touched his heart. One where the people begged him with all their might and all their heart to step in and they promised to change themselves for a better future. In the prayer was mentioned The Fallen Angel army was targeting the most innocent of innocent not only the adults, but imprisoning Aliens, rare dinosaurs, and little kids. Their sins were stacked so high they reached heaven and this really made the creator angry and filled him up with a burning rage hidden only for those who are to face his ultimate judgement. . . And since his people were finally growing in their light….He listened!!! Out of Nowhere! Unexpectedly! He’s appeared right in front of them!

When Aculeatus’ prayers have been answered and he appears.

What’s he going to say? Whats he going to do?!?

Find out next time on Planeta Aculeatus.

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