On Earth As It Is in Heaven

Biblically Inspired Stories

In the year 1998 in a rough neighborhood of Chicago there was once a 24 year old guy by the name of Hector.

Hector lived a life of criminal activity and alcohol and drugs, he was older and wiser but due to his surroundings he had no choice.

One day Hector tired of being involved in that lifestyle was walking by a street preacher, who was proclaiming The Word of God, Hector believed in God but didn’t know any scripture or ever really opened the Bible so he would just ignore that area altogether throughout his life. For some reason Hector stopped to talk to the preacher and he asked him personally will God take me out of my current lifestyle ? Why hasn’t he done so already? Does he really exist? Why doesn’t he talk to me?

The Man said, son He’s waiting for you to get to know him, have you ever read or opened your Bible? “It’s been years if ever” said Hector

Trust in the Lord and he will save and hear you, go home and open it up.

The first thing Hector did was open it up and the first thing that he saw was proverbs The Word of God is quick and faster than any two edged sword, piercing the soul and heart.

Hector said this is all complicated but that verse stuck in his head.

That night he had a dream, a sword coming down from a beam of light from the sky and landed right in front of him, he went to grab it and when he did he woke up.

Wow what a dream said Hector

That day he turned down hanging out with his friends and went to talk to the preacher but the guy wasn’t there.

Eager to find out what the dream meant he ran home to open the Bible and he opened it up to John

In the beginning was the Word and Word was with God and the Word was God…

Hector was starting to feel warmth in his body something he’d never felt before as he was starting to realize something powerful is happening that he can’t describe.

4 months later Hector decided to preach the word of God but then his friends ran into him and started making fun of him and even threatened to beat him up. Hector thinking out of nowhere remembered ye shall hold your peace for the Lord will fight for you.

As soon as he remembered that, two police cars pull up and quickly arrest the friends because they were wanted for burglaries in the neighborhood. Then just like that Hector looked up at the sky and said Thank you God to you I owe everything, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Repeat I am an author of God

I am a King I am a priest

I am abundantly wealthy

I am a married to the women of my dreams

I have 5 kids

I have a big house

I built a church for God

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